November 19, 2014

Classroom Thanksgiving FREEBIE

Where has the time gone?! First of all, can't believe I've only done two posts in November so far...that was not the plan :/ Things have been a bit crazy, but I'm here to remind you all of one of my freebies.

Thanksgiving Mad Lib!!! How fun is this? I'm going to give it to my 10th graders this Friday before break...they love getting to do fun little things like this.

So have a wonderful last week before Thanksgiving break, and enjoy this little freebie to hand out to your kids as a little treat :)


  1. I'm tutoring a 5th grader after school twice a week this year, and I recently introduced him to mad libs as a way to refresh his memory on the parts of speech. He LOVES them! I finally downloaded an app on my iPad, which I use as an incentive to keep him working! He will love this!

    1. What an excellent idea! Even my high schoolers need the refresher...often ;)