October 21, 2014

Parent Conferences-FREEBIE

The Quarter is ending this week, and so that means next Monday is Parent/Teacher Conference day. My school doesn't require conferences, but we do suggest them for parents whose students are earning a C or lower. I'll also get a few honors parents who want to meet just to see how great their child is ;)

I created this Parent/Teacher conference sheet last year because it helped keep me on track [and mostly the parents] and helped me stay within the 15 minute time slot. Sometimes parents just want to talk and talk, and tell you their life story, or sometimes even cry about how they can't control their kid. That's great and I'm happy to listen, but I only have 15 minutes, so this organizer helped me stay on track :)

Parent/Teacher Conferences sheet, FREE on my TPT Store:

 Even if it's not officially conference time, this would be a great aid during any parent discussion. Hope you find it useful! :)

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