September 2, 2014

Staying organized in the classroom

And I believe we're all back at it this week; whether it's your first week back, or 2nd or 3rd, we're all trying to stay organized this school year. It's good to start now and stay on top of it so that we don't get behind and/or overwhelmed.

Today I'm going to talk about the almighty planner and agenda.

I always keep a paper planner [this year I'm using my turquoise arrow one], and then have it on my teacher page as well. I bring the paper planner home with me every night in case I need to fix something, remember what I'm teaching tomorrow, or if I need to come in early for an IEP or make copies. 

Love my planner!!!
I also like to keep the kids organized too. I usually have two whiteboards, one in the front of the room and one on the side, and I put the agenda and homework on the side one. This year, since we're in temporary rooms for a while, I'm missing a whiteboard, so I'm making it work the best I can.

I put the Honors agenda and HW on the right side, and English 10 agenda and HW on the left side. It's a little cramped and hard to see depending upon where you sit, oh well. It's only for a few more weeks [fingers crossed]. This also helps me know what we're doing next in class, because I'm often running around and don't have time to come back and check my paper agenda or website.

This year, especially since I created and am teaching a new unit, I am taking notes in class on the assignments.

For example, I thought the note-taking and examples on the first day would take the whole 80 minutes, but only took 60 minutes. I had to come up with an on-the-spot related activity to fill the time. But this is good because next semester, when I teach the same thing all over again [new students], I will be prepared :)

Hope this helps everyone!!


  1. So good! I needed this post! :) Thanks!


    1. Oh yay! I'm so glad it was helpful!!! Thanks for stopping by :)