September 21, 2014

SmashBook Success!

It's been a week since I blogged because I was hustlin to get the kids' Novel Study SmashBooks graded! I would say about 90% of them turned out really well...and then there's that 10% of kids that did the minimum requirements [as usual]. So I am very happy with how this project turned out!

A few helpful hints for those attempting this project:

-I did take my example [the Power Point] off my wiki because I noticed kids were straight up copying my work.
-I had to constantly explain that they were supposed to be filling this out as they read. This is why it's a good thing I had those check in days to make sure they were doing that. I finally explained it like this: You're taking notes as you read, like annotating or close reading; you're just doing it on a different sheet of paper for different topics.
-Themes page: Kids were writing LONG paragraphs explaining their themes. I told them they just needed to put several quotes under each theme, and that would tell me if they understood the theme or not.

So here's a few GREAT examples for your viewing pleasure!
She made her own cover look like a newspaper review of her book!!

This is one student's Historical Background page

A student's THEME page

A correctly done Connections page :)

And finally, an overachiever's VOCAB page. They only needed to find & define 12 new words for an A...I think she has like 20!! LOL

So overall, this was a great project and the kids said they liked it :) I hope you enjoyed seeing the kids' work!

Now, as usual, here are my Week 4 outfits :) It was BLAZING hot this week...literally in the I wore a few dresses/skirts:
Hope you all have a great upcoming week!


  1. I absolutely love this idea! The student's work looks fabulous. I wonder if my 6th graders could handle this? Did you use the same novel for all students or did they choose their own?

    1. They could probably handle a simplified version for sure! We did this for our Holocaust unit; our school owns Night and Anne Frank, so if their parents didn't want to [or couldn't afford to] buy a copy of another book, then they could check out Night or Anne Frank for free from the school. If they wanted to do another Holocaust book, then their parents were responsible for getting them the book. All parents had to sign a permission slip stating that they were either checking out a book or buying a book. This was a good heads-up for them :)
      Thanks for leaving a comment! I hope it works out for you!

  2. I love how this turned out! I thought about using the Smashbook for an alternative book report option when I saw it on your TPT page but I was wary about how it would turn out. How cool. I'm inspired and I am going to add it to my alternative list!

  3. How can I find more information about the expectations/rubrics?

    1. You mean more than what's on TPT? Well there are several pages [main characters, minor characters, themes, connections, figurative lang, vocabulary, historical background page, questions for the author and character, summary, and reflections] and each is grades for content. For example, finding, defining, and listing the pg # for the vocabulary page-I asked for 12 new words for an A, 10 for a B, etc. The summary and reflections pages are both types paragraphs [multiple] and must meet convention standards and so on. If you have any more questions, feel free to email :)