September 5, 2014

End of Week 2 happenings

Another week in the books.

Yesterday was a trying day because I had to grade in-class essays. I was a little saddened by the state of their writing skills, so I'm glad I'm doing my new writing unit before we dive into novel essays. Writing is so important for both life and career, I want to make sure they are prepared for both :)

I also created another Donors Choose project the other day! Just waiting for approval before it goes live. It's for some ChomeBooks for the classroom because the other English teacher and I have to share computers and that always challenging :)

We have our first football game of the high school season tonight and I'm excited. Not sure I'm going because it's not a home game, but it is fairly close :)

And lastly, the outfits for the week-

The red one from Wednesday is my all time new Favorite! I got a lot of compliments on it, and I love how the necklace looks with it too :) Both top and necklace from H&M last weekend. And today is again Friday and therefore another school shirt :) This time I'm wearing my softball shirt since I'm the assistant coach, and I wore my football one last week ;)

Happy Friday everyone!!!!


  1. Your Wednesday outfit is my favorite too. I want that necklace!

  2. I absolutely love your shoes in the first photo!

    1. Thank you! I think they're Sam & Libby from Target too! lol It's sad, but Target is my fav store ;)