September 8, 2014

Back 2 School-meeting the parents

Back to School Night has come and gone...mostly because we have Back to School Morning. We're unconventional, to say the least. Needless to say, not many parents came because, well they have jobs, that's why. I've suggested, many times, that we do it in the evening, but that is still under advisement.

Anyway...I still got really into it! I made my handouts, my giving tree, and treats!
I had my little chalkboard sign :) I made pumpkin bread muffins in the shapes of leaves, and vanilla cupcakes decorated as apples. I used red frosting and then suck half a pretzel stick in the top, then a little green candy next to it for the leaf :)

I also had my syllabus available [even though they already signed it last week], and a little handout about me. 

I also did my Giving Tree again this year. I added pieces of paper with directions this year :) I also had less parents take items this year because I focused on my Donors Choose project more because we really need computers. *Notice the name tag taped on the door. That's because we're still in temporary classrooms and don't have our fancy nameplates up.

And lastly, here is my outfit of the day [OOTD] for Back 2 School :)
As you know, Mondays are our office hours and we can wear jeans :)

Hope you all have a successful Back 2 School Night! :)


  1. Ours is at night. I had four parents. Out of 133 students. Bummer.

    1. Oh man! I'm so sorry :( And we're supposed to bend over backward for them ;) Good luck with the parents!!!