September 12, 2014

Argument Writing & Week 3 Happenings

We've made it through 3 weeks now! Kids are officially back in the groove of school and are already "forgetting" to do their homework. Ahhhhh teenagers ;)

I tried a new unit this year, my argument writing unit. I usually start off the year with Animal Farm, but then the end of the unit essay was awful because these kids just struggle so much with writing. So this year, I created a three-week argument writing unit to teach kids the elements of argument writing; what is a claim? What is evidence? What is rhetorical writing?

All of the kids have improved in their writing skills in these past three weeks, which is very exciting. I'm hoping that when we roll around the the AF essay next unit, the writing will be where it should be, grade level wise.

We've been doing some "treasure hunt" type worksheets to see if they can identify claims and evidence and rhetoric, and then we've been making our own as well; a nice balance I think.

For the assignment below, they read the article and highlighted claim in yellow, evidence in blue, and rhetoric in green, and then had to write which type of rhetoric it was. Then they filled out the chart with what worked and what needed improving in each article.
She missed a few pieces of evidence, but this was our first try :)

And the completed chart.

Yesterday and today they're working on their end of the unit argument paper in which they are taking a stand on a controversial issue. We will peer edit rough drafts on Tuesday :)

And then here are my outfits for the week :)
The pants on day two are green but the lighting in my room made it hard to tell :/ Today is Friday so jeans and a school shirt...but check out the American Flag shoes!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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