August 29, 2014

Week One in the books!

Well I did it! I made it through week one of my 7th year of teaching!! A little tired, a little, annoyed, a little happy all rolled into one :)

I've got some great kids in each period, though my period two seems to have all the talkers [ie. guys on the football team that are friends and can't stop talking about football], so that may be my challenge for the semester.

I decided I'm going to try to take a pic of my outfit every day, 'cus I'm a girlie girl, and that will help mix up my outfits, and will give me a good idea of which outfits look sloppy and need to be retired :)

So here's my outfits for the week...I already put up the first day of school's, so there are 3 left, including today. On Fridays we wear jeans and a school shirt, so I have about 5 I can alternate :)

The middle pic I am pointing to a flower in my hair, and for today I had to cover up the school initials :)

Congrats on surviving the week!!!!


  1. I love that yellow cardi! Super cute! Chatting is my biggest issue so far too (end of week 2 here), but I used a table challenge strategy yesterday that made a world of difference. I don't know that it would work so well with high school, though. The nice thing about middle schoolers is that they will do ANYTHING for a piece of candy!

    1. Yellow cardi is new from Target! :) I miss that about teaching middle school...Some high school kids are still about the candy, but not too many :/