August 25, 2014


So the kids came to school today! It was short though...we did a run-through basically with kids attending each period for 15 minutes after attending a Welcome Assembly. This just gives us time to get to know them a little and they get to figure out how to run to each class ;)

So I'm super sad/bummed that we're not in our new High School building for the start of school. We'll probably move end of Sept/beginning of Oct. With that being said, everything is still in storage and I'm teaching out of a box :/ My classroom looks so sad and pathetic :( But I can't wait to decorate my new room when I get it!!!!!

I put this banner up to "liven up" the classroom ;)
It's a FREE item on my TPT Store if you'd like. The download also comes with cupcake toppers for a staff mtg or the kiddos...the pic below is what I did for the BTS staff mtg.

 And here's how the rest of my classroom looks....sooooooooo sad :( I'm literally teaching out of one bookcase.

There it is...boring as heck. But we're in temporary classrooms so we can't really decorate, and we're moving soon [hopefully] so it doesn't make sense to put everything up again just to tear it down.

Today I played an Ice-breaker with the kids to get to know just a little about them in the 15 minutes I had them :) I called it the Skittles Game, but I was in a rush and didn't know what else to call it :) This is in my Ice-Breakers packet and it worked really well! So well, that I had an extra bag of Skittles so the teacher across the hall is going to do it tomorrow! :) I left the directions OFF the document camera until I had passed each student two skittles; I didn't want them to know what it was for :) Then I put the directions up and showed the kids:

You do NOT have to follow the color ideas in the packet; mix it up! I did favorite book or series for green because I teach English....if you teach Math, do something else :) The kids liked it and it wasn't too out of their comfort zone for the short, first day.

Tomorrow I'll be playing more games because it's the real, first, actual 80min class period day tomorrow. And in the last 10 minutes or so I'll review the syllabus :)

And remember, you don't have to do Ice-breakers only on the first day! I might a short one again on Friday or even next Tuesday...just build community. 

Hope you all are enjoying being back in school!

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