August 11, 2014

First Day Back...well, sort of...

Long story short, our first day back ended up becoming a half day-fine with me! I like easing back in :)

This all happened because our new high school building isn't ready yet, so we're going to the middle school location for a few weeks. So the security staff was busy bringing over all our boxes we had put in storage for the move, therefore we couldn't really work in our rooms today.

It's kind of putting a damper on the back to school mojo because we're not really going to decorate since we'll only be there for 5 or 6 weeks. I am going to put some stuff up, but not much because I don't want to have to take too much down again when we move :/

It was a good first day back though! We held our staff "Olympics" and I ended up being a part of the winning team...we got a sticker and a set of cool ink-pens :) Anyway, it was fun. 

So now I'm home, deciding what I'm going to bring with me to the classroom tomorrow. I brought about 15 boxes home because I didn't know what the room situation would be so I brought home stuff I thought I'd need for the beginning of the school year :) At least my apartment will be cleared out again! LOL :)

Anyone else go back today? How was it??

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