July 23, 2014

Icebreakers for Middle and High School students

Part of having a great classroom environment is having students that know and respect each other. I like to start off the new school year by doing nothing but icebreakers the first day.

I know, I know...a wasted day. I used to think that, until I tried this method. I used to go over the syllabus and rules and all that the first day. Then I decided to have "fun" the first day back. What a difference I saw. Kids were leaving the classroom talking about the games and were excited to come back.

I also usually do a small one on the second day too.

So I've come up with 10 Icebreakers that Middle and High School students will actually do! [They're all tested ;)] Each icebreaker has directions and helpful hints. Some have pictures and some have links to YouTube videos for reference.

Here's a few ideas!!

Feel free to head over to my TPT Store and download your copy of the 10 Icebreakers for the first week of school :)

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