July 8, 2014

Feeling Guilty...Why??

Hello blogger friends! Hope you all are enjoying summer!!!

It's been a few days since I've done any work for school....and I'm feeling guilty! Why is that?? This is summer and I earned this time off, right?! Yet I can't help feeling guilty for taking a few days off.

Maybe it's because so many other people are still working and I am VERY aware of that. Yet I know so many teachers and we're all not working right now. :/ My first two years of teaching I taught summer school and that made me feel more productive...granted I couldn't really take a vacation, but I didn't have the money for that anyway.

So the last few years I've spent the summer re-doing unit plans, lesson plans, coming up with new ideas for the classroom, decorations, and recently, making TPT items for my store. And so if I take a few days off from that, I feel really guilty.

Maybe I need to stop letting the opinions of others seep into my thoughts...like those that complain that teachers don't work the whole year and "get summers off". I always felt like I had to prove something to them. But I don't! When I break it down, I do more than most people do in a year, and I do it in 9.5 months!

During the school year:
-I teach 4/4 [no prep on an accelerated school schedule]
-Coach Softball [Used to coach cheer which was 11 months each year]
-Am a BTSA Support Provider for new teachers
-Often sit on 1 or 2 committees a year
-Oh....and I grade approx 700 essays per school year...each taking ~10 min...sometimes 5 min if it's a mini paper...yeah...that's a lot of time!

Yet I still feel judged for not working during the summer. I think this is a big lesson in letting things go. I need to let go of other people's judgment issues and know that I work hard. I will continue to work on my TPT stuff and new lesson plans for next year, knowing that I will be ready when the school year starts. That will have to be enough.

My job is enough.
The work I do is enough.
I am enough.


  1. Here's the truth: You don't need to justify your work to anyone. Who cares if some people think we have it easy? They're not in our shoes! You (and all the rest of us teachers) know how hard you work. Enjoy your time off! It ends too quickly!!!