July 15, 2014

Back to School Planner/Organizer

I know, I know...Back to School. But if you think about it...this is perfect timing.

If you do "backward planning" and look at what needs to be done [in a reasonable amount of time], this is just about when you need to start thinking about back to school. Yes NEED.

I can't take full credit for this idea...my boyfriend was trying to help me come up with ideas and he mentioned a Summer School Planner. I told him that people usually have a set schedule for summer school, but then we morphed that into a Back to School Planner. I told him that teachers don't like to plan over the summer, but he said "well you do". And I thought about that.

I DO like to plan over the summer so that I'm NOT stressed when the new school year starts. So I did some backward planning and decided that 6 weeks out is a very generous amount of time to start planning. Starting so far out will allow you to just do a little each week and still have time for summer fun! Or you could take my 6 weeks of checklists and cram them into the last 3 weeks if you want ;)

So here's a preview of what I came up with for my Back to School Planner/Organizer:

You get June, July, and August calendars. They are purposely left blank so that you can just re-print the months next year.

So this is a sample of the checklist for each week. Shown above is Week 6: items you need to complete this week, a place to check them off [I LOVE checking off items on a To Do List], and a space for anything else you'd like to add. 

There is a checklist for each week-Week 5,4,3,2,1, and there is a checklist for the weekend before school starts. 

All you need to do is print the Planner, staple or bind it, and start checking off the boxes and you'll be good to go when school starts!

Happy Planning!!


  1. Sadly, we are back to school in just two weeks! My kids think I'm crazy for planning in the summer. :)

    1. Oh man! Two weeks is too soon! Good luck planning!!