July 14, 2014

Back to School in a month

I know, I know...I said a bad word. "Back to School" should not be spoken during the summer, but I have to go back in four weeks. So I'm slowly starting to organize everything that I'll need and go through some checklists.

Today was actually foggy/gloomy/rainy [VERY odd for SoCal], so it was a perfect day to do nothing and catch up on my DVR'd shows. But tomorrow I'm going to start organizing and making lists...isn't that what we all say?? And we say that for everything too...diets, exercise, cleaning the house, etc. LOL Oh well...I really will do it.

Yesterday my boyfriend helped me brainstorm some ideas for my TPT store...he was so cute trying to help and really showing an interest in my desire to help other teachers with good products. :)

So I'm working on some First Day/Week of School ice-breakers, some organizers/checklists, and some freebies :) Hopefully some will be out soon!

But the great news is that the Common Core Novel Study SmashBook is selling really well and people seem to like it! Yay!!! Thank you all for believing in my products :)

Talk soon!


  1. I went to Target today and saw the Back To School aisle already up and felt a little sick, lol! Trying to get back in the mindset here, but instead I stayed inside and binge watched Netflix, lol :)

    1. Oh man! It's too early to see that stuff in stores!!