July 25, 2014

100 FB Likes=Thank You Sale!!!

I'm so excited! I've reached 100 Likes on Facebook. Thank you so much everyone for following! So as a thank you, I'm holding a sale over on my TPT Store. Thanks for following and using my products!

I love knowing that we're all sharing ideas and helping each other out! It makes teaching so much easier when we have support!

Oh, also...a cool thing happened the other day. I had been toying with making a business card for my TPT Store, and have since made one. I was at Office Depot getting my posters laminated for the classroom and buying card-stock to print my business cards on. So I was waiting for my posters to be laminated and I was looking through my new lesson planner that I had them bind. This girl came up and said she liked my planner and I told her that I make them and sell them. She said, "on TPT?" Why yes! She then asked if I had a business card for my store!!! I told her it was in the process, but I had a work card so I wrote my store address on the back of my work card. How cool is that?! So here is how it turned out:

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the sale!

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