June 17, 2014

Tips Packet for the 1st week of school

I got really tired of handing out helpful papers and having kids lose them, put them in different sections, or whatever else students do with the papers we give them :) So I created the Tips & Tools Packet. I've used it twice now and it is so helpful! Now, all I have to do is say "Please take out your Tips & Tools Packet" and then tell them which page to turn to. I also hole-punch it for them so they don't have any excuses ;)

You'll notice that this is already on my store in a salmon & teal flag theme; I've now created one for the Turquoise and Black Arrow Theme :) I've also changed a few things on the 'How to Annotate' page to fit Common Core, so that change is reflected in the arrow theme Tips and Tools Packet :)

The download is a zip file and contains both Word Doc and PDF versions and is 7/14 pages :)

Hope you like it!
 [Is it just me or does this pic remind you of The Fault in Our Stars???]

And several other pages!!!

So head on over to my TPT Store to download this Turquoise & Black Arrow Themed Tips & Tools Packet today!

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