June 4, 2014

Prepping for End Of The Year

Next week is finals week for our kids and then we're done! So I'm starting to prep for the end of the year by getting my TA gifts ready. I have 3 TAs this semester and it's been very helpful! I teach 5/4 which means I have no prep period, so they've been a life saver with grading little quizzes and completion homework assignments.

They all have a slight Starbucks obsession like me, so the perfect gift for them is a Starbucks card of course. But I wanted to do it a little cuter than just a card...so I made these!
When I bought the cards, I asked for three tall cups & frappuccuino lids. I then put some cute tissue paper in them, wrote their names on the cups [like at Starbucks], and put the gift card inside :)

Then I put them in a Starbucks bag, along with my cute TA Gift Tags that go with the Starbucks theme. 
You can find these TA Gift Tags at my TPT Store, along with another one...

Well that's just one thing to get ready before the end of the year! Many more to go!!! Hope you find these cute and helpful ;)


  1. As someone currently working as a TA, I thank you for acknowledging yours. It's such a thankless position, and (at least in my school), we are often overlooked even by our own administrators. I have a whole new appreciation for support staff after doing this all year!

    1. Thank you! I really do appreciate all the TAs do! Congrats to you for doing it!! :)