June 5, 2014

New School Year Themes: #1

The first theme I am thinking about doing is a Boot-camp Theme. I can use it in so many ways: Writing Boot-camp, Reading Boot-camp, and Speaking/Listening Boot-camp.

So I've made a ton of Posters, a Lesson Planner, and a Sub Binder. I'm really excited with how it turned out, and you can download it at my TPT Store.

New School Year Theme #1: Boot-camp

Here's a few samples of some of the items you'll get!
Cool motivational Poster for the classroom!

 A Boot-camp themed Said Is Dead poster!

And for my English peeps:
A 6-Traits writing poster!!!

It will be so easy to decorate too! They sell camo duct tape everywhere now, so I'll be covering tons of stuff with that, I'll get some green paper lanterns and hang those, and do a green and brown boarder on the bulletin boards. Easy peasy!

So head on over and pick up the Boot-camp themed Binder Pack at my TPT store today! Over 40+ pages [81 with PDF and Word]!!


  1. This is such a fun idea! The school I taught at was really close to a major fort and that would have been a brilliant way to incorporate important things in a familiar way.