June 16, 2014

New Classroom Theme #3

Turquoise and Black Arrow

I am all about arrows right now; "Follow your Arrow", it can only be shot in a forward direction [symbolic], and the general look of them. So out of that came my new theme of the Turquoise backdrop with Black Arrows :) Yay!

The download is 42/84 pages because it comes in both Word Doc for editing, and PDF if you have trouble editing or would like to use as it. There are many more pages than pictures shown, so head on over to the download at my TPT Store and check it out!

*Please do not screen shot these pictures and use to make your own items; these took several hours to produce and let's keep it ethical...thanks :)

This download contains:
-A Teacher Binder Pack [Lesson Planner, Calendars, Section Dividers]

 -A Sub Binder [Welcome Page, Classroom Expectations, Notes, etc]

-And Classroom Posters

Hope you like this new Classroom Theme!!! I love it so much, I think I'm going to use this next year in my classroom :) Have a great day!

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