May 2, 2014

May Currently!

I CANNOT believe that it's May already. That means we are done with school next month! I am so excited to have a break from the 5:15am's killing me :(

For the 'surprise' section of the Currently, I chose to surprise Teaching Teens in the 21st. Jen has some great products and great ideas! Go check out her blog :) Once again, thanks Farley for setting this up!

Well, the picture didn't work out too well...
LISTENING: to my students write in their journal
LOVING: It's Friday!!!!!
THINKING: It's almost summer
WANTING: to nap :)
NEEDING: to beat this cold I've got

Happy May!!!


  1. Currently listening to my students "type" away. What a peaceful way to pass a Friday morning :) Thanks for the link to teaching teens- you're right, great stuff!

    1. She does have great stuff! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am so over this waking up at 5:15, too. Phew! Almost over!

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