May 10, 2014

End of the Year goodie for your TA

It's almost the end of the school year! Can you contain your excitement?!?!

I don't know about you, but our school let's our students be TAs [Teaching Assistants] for school credit or community service hours. I have 3 this year...yup...3 classes I can have students pass back papers, grade multiple choice quizzes, run extra copies for's GREAT!!

And even though they're getting a grade or community service hours, I still want to give them a small thank you. So I made these cute tags and am going to attach a little gift with each one. Here's a preview of the tags:

And below are some pairing ideas:
1) For the "tea"riffic one-
-Pair with a Starbucks gift card and a Dollar Store mug
-Works for a girl or a guy-
*More ideas in the download

2) Thanks for the "helping hand" one-
-Pair with a yummy lotion or soap
*More ideas in the download

I'm so excited to give these out this year! Just head on over to my TPT Store to download this TA Gift Tag set. It contains: a word doc version, a PDF version, and a list of pairing ideas. What's cool is that you can just print it off as is, and sign your name in the white heart...easy peasy :)

Hold on for a few more weeks everyone!!! Good luck!

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