April 29, 2014

My Coaching is Intruding on My Teaching! Yikes!

Yikes! I have missed 4th period AT LEAST once a week, usually twice a week, for games since softball season started. I am feeling like a bad teacher for those kiddos. And what's worse...it's my Support class, the kids that need the most help.

At my school, teachers without kids coach-it's kind of an unspoken rule. Now, the admin has not complained or said ANYTHING about me missing class to coach. I'm putting that pressure on myself. I just feel like I'm letting these kids down because someone who doesn't know what is going on is just walking in a babysitting basically.

I'm looking for any advice on either: how to deal with the guilt I'm putting on myself, or ways I can still be there without actually being there, or any tips you can think of :)

Thanks everyone!!!


  1. I would feel the same way about not being there for the kids. Heck, I missed three days for a meeting, training, and jury duty in one week and felt the same. I wish there was a solution too! I feel the guilt just the same!

    Life With Middle Schoolers

  2. That's a tough one!!! While you are in charge of helping your kids learn english you're also in charge of helping your girls play softball. I suggest that when you have to leave for softball you give the kids a packet to work on together, a little review and a little new. It will help them learn english and teach them to be independent and think on their own. Every teacher would struggle in your position...pull this off and you'll be super teacher

    1. I know! I do leave my regularly scheduled work for them so we don't fall behind, I just know that the sub is not following through how I would do it :/