March 30, 2014

Parent/Teacher Conference Time Again...

Well it's that time again! We just finished finals [midterms], so Monday is Parent/Teacher conference day. I only have five parents that signed up thus far, but I know some will just show up claiming they didn't know they needed an appointment.

We all know what to expect with Parent/Teacher conferences. There will always be a nice parent that thanks you for what you do. There will always be the parent that makes you think, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And there will always be that parent that makes you want to scream in your head, why is it my fault your kid doesn't do anything??

Last semester I decided to use my new Parent/Teacher conferences handout. It worked pretty well because it let me be in charge of the conference and gave me an outline of what to say to keep things on track. That works really well if you know who you're meeting with. Right now I just know I have appointments, but I don't know who they're with :/

So here is the link to my Parent/Teacher Conference sheet on my TPT store. It's free :)

Have a great week everyone!!

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