March 19, 2014

I need your help...thanks!

Hi everyone out there in blogging land. I am in desperate need of your help. I just submitted my first project to Donors Choose. I had heard about this program a while back, but was working in a wealthier district and had everything I needed for my classroom at the time, and didn't want to ask for something just to have it.

Well the school I'm at now is a charter, and we don't get the same funding as traditional public schools. So we're lacking on a few things :) So I've created my first Donors Choose project asking for a document camera! :) I used to use this everyday at my old schools, and now I really miss it :(

Anyway, I know we're all stretched thin as teachers, but I thought I'd ask anyway since it's for the kids, not for me personally [that would be weird].

If you feel so inspired to help out [even $5 would be AMAZING] please follow this link to my project and donate. If you enter the code INSPIRE at checkout for the first week, they'll double your donation!! So your $5 donation would really be $10 :)

Anyway, I hope no one is offended by this post requesting help for my kiddos. Just trying to get the word out there 'cus I'm not sure how people normally get sponsors.

Link to Donors Choose: Interactive English via a Document Camera
*Don't forget to enter the code [INSPIRE] at checkout to double your donation this first week.

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