February 10, 2014

You know those days...

when you just don't feel good? Well after a great weekend with my little nephew, I woke up and just didn't feel good. A teeny tiny sore throat, and kind of achy all over. One of the perks of my school is that we don't teach regular classes on Monday; we have office hours instead. So at least I can take today to get lots of fluids, make some medicine, and REST. Unfortunately, I do have to use a sick day even though there are no kids....but I don't have to make lesson plans so I guess it evens out :/

I hate missing a day with the kids, I feel like nothing gets done when I'm not there; that's usually true unfortunately.

I did have a great weekend, but man! My little 14 month old nephew is exhausting! No wonder I'm worn out!! I think it may also be the two weeks of teaching zero period catching up to me too ;)

Hope ya'l had a great weekend!


  1. Aw! Hope you feel better tomorrow!! Drink lots of hot tea!

  2. Feel better! I got sick about three weeks ago, and I still have a cough that won't go away. I'm pretty sure it's because I also didn't want to take too many sick days, but it bit me in the end. Make sure you take care of you!! :)

    1. I took today off too; still wasn't feeling 100%. I think I'll be good for tomorrow!