February 14, 2014


On this edition of OOTD :) Several people were asking for some examples of what I wear to work on days we can't wear jeans [T-Th]. In my first few years of teaching, I used to dress up in really nice work clothes all the time; now I put any cute top with black work pants and that works :) haha!

Plus, I like to be comfy because you can often find me sitting on one of the desks engaged in a book discussion with my students....can't really do that in a skirt :/ But I'm rambling :)

So here is my look from yesterday-a little dressy, a little casual! I have found that wearing heels makes anything look a little dressier ;)

Shoes: Payless; they are comfy too. Top: Target Pants: so old that I forget where I got them...literally 6 years old at least
State Necklace: Baublebar in Antique Gold [They will punch the heart in any city of any state you'd like]
Monogram Necklace: Baublebar in Antique Gold

I get so many compliments any time I wear these necklaces, especially the state one :)


  1. I just told my husband... I NEED those necklaces!! Not want, NEED! ;)

    1. I know!!! They're so awesome!!!!! :)