February 27, 2014

3 Million Strong TPT Sale!!!

It's another sale! Woo Hoo!!! TPT has hit 3 million! Congrats :) So they're holding a sale, and I'm involving my store! Love when we can all share our products, especially at a discount, so that everyone can have an opportunity to download great ideas.


So head on over to My TPT Store to check out all my items at an ADDITIONAL 20% off! Even the $1 items are discounted so that's a steal ;)

February 25, 2014

Fahrenheit 451 small unit plan

I'm on a roll! I've created another small unit for you guys :) Fahrenheit 451 is a great novella for discussing and analyzing a social commentary. This book is a must read for everyone, even adults; I think it's the law that you have to read it some time in your life, right?! :) This once banned book is a great read and really gets the students thinking on a deeper level and making connections to the real world...great minds at work.

So head on over to my TPT store to check out the unit plan for Fahrenheit 451.

Below is an example of the questions and character development work for Part 1:

Below is the preview of the essay prompts:


February 24, 2014

The Pearl-small unit plan

Well all, it's been a little while since I blogged, sorry about that! I am excited though because I just uploaded a new unit plan [on the shorter side] for The Pearl. I used this book when I taught 9th grade, but I have heard of 7th or 8th reading it as well since it is short. So I figured I would share my stuff with you :)

I have a little outline for the chronological order of the items in the unit, a pre-reading activity, then several "during" activities, essay prompts [with rubric], and a test [with key]. What's great about this unit is that because the book is so short, you could squeeze it into one week, or expand it to three...your choice! I love stuff like that :)

So feel free to head on over to my TPT Store to download this Pearl unit.

Here's a preview of a few pages of the unit:

Happy Planning!

February 17, 2014


Woo Hoo! Everyone loves a good sale! I'm combining President's Day, 130 TPT Followers, and 150 [well, 149 but close enough] followers on my blog, to throw a SALE on my TPT Store!! Now through Wednesday...short but sweet :)

 Totally goes with Teaching in Heels, right?! 
[photo from: markersshoes.com]

Thanks everyone for all the support with the blog and TPT Store. It means so much to me :) I've been trying to to more posts based off what you, the followers, want to see, and hopefully you like it :) Keep giving me feedback!!

February 14, 2014


On this edition of OOTD :) Several people were asking for some examples of what I wear to work on days we can't wear jeans [T-Th]. In my first few years of teaching, I used to dress up in really nice work clothes all the time; now I put any cute top with black work pants and that works :) haha!

Plus, I like to be comfy because you can often find me sitting on one of the desks engaged in a book discussion with my students....can't really do that in a skirt :/ But I'm rambling :)

So here is my look from yesterday-a little dressy, a little casual! I have found that wearing heels makes anything look a little dressier ;)

Shoes: Payless; they are comfy too. Top: Target Pants: so old that I forget where I got them...literally 6 years old at least
State Necklace: Baublebar in Antique Gold [They will punch the heart in any city of any state you'd like]
Monogram Necklace: Baublebar in Antique Gold

I get so many compliments any time I wear these necklaces, especially the state one :)

February 10, 2014

You know those days...

when you just don't feel good? Well after a great weekend with my little nephew, I woke up and just didn't feel good. A teeny tiny sore throat, and kind of achy all over. One of the perks of my school is that we don't teach regular classes on Monday; we have office hours instead. So at least I can take today to get lots of fluids, make some medicine, and REST. Unfortunately, I do have to use a sick day even though there are no kids....but I don't have to make lesson plans so I guess it evens out :/

I hate missing a day with the kids, I feel like nothing gets done when I'm not there; that's usually true unfortunately.

I did have a great weekend, but man! My little 14 month old nephew is exhausting! No wonder I'm worn out!! I think it may also be the two weeks of teaching zero period catching up to me too ;)

Hope ya'l had a great weekend!

February 4, 2014

February Currently

It's February! Crazy that we only have 4.5 months left! Woo hoo!!! Love the cute little design for Farley's Currently this month.  Hope ya'll enjoy! Read the very bottom for the explanations of the 2 truths and a fib :)
2 Truths and a Fib:
1. I AM blind as a bat! I am 20/800 or -8.0 for my prescription...yup. Saving for Lasik.
2. I AM a Starbucks-aholic, though I have cut back now that I am gluten-free, dairy-free because even soy isn't that good for me. So I mostly just get the iced teas now...
3. Oh HECK NO did I run a 5k. Yoga is more my speed ;)

Happy February!!

February 3, 2014

Outfit of the Day [OOTD] for School

Happy Monday ya'll! So this is sort of school related and sort of not :) So you probably guessed from my blog title that I'm into fashion. I love wearing heels and dressing nice for school and life outside of school. Well during the school week we have to dress professionally [no jeans T,W,Th]. Mondays we can wear jeans because it's only learning labs [like office hours where our students can come get help from 9-11am] and a staff meeting. And Fridays we can wear jeans and one of our many school shirts....though a lot of the teachers just wear a school color :/

So I'm trying to take advantage of my days to wear jeans!!! I think you can make so many cute outfit with jeans :) So I wore this [pic below] today to work-Monday learning labs. Since it's the second week of a new semester, I only had ONE kid come see me, which allowed me to get all my copying done and talk to my friend that runs the book room/purchasing :) I took a simple jeans and white tee and made it fun. I've been following Courtney Kerr's blog lately and love her style...so if you know who that is, this pic totally makes sense :)

White T-shirt [so old I don't even remember where I got it]. Boyfriend jeans new from Target. Shoes are old and from Payless. Both necklaces new from Target as well. Gold ring from Old Navy. Watch is from Target a while ago but they have a similar style now.

I only tucked in the little part of the white tee in the front there and let it hang out in the back. I'm a new fan of boyfriend jeans, but be careful with the shoe. I tried it with an open toe bootie and it looked weird; I think you need to see some of the top of the foot.

This look works for after school as well or on the weekends. Just a fun way to jazz up the classic look of the white tee and jeans.

I think I'm going to do random OOTD posts...hope you all don't mind! :)