January 10, 2014

Well...I survived the first week back...

Technically the school day is not over, but I think it's safe to say I survived the first week back at school. The kids were very reluctant to do any work, but oh well. We have finals next week so they do know they have to do the work, so that has been a little helpful to hold over their heads ;)

We're finishing up our Shakespeare unit and they'll have a test on that; not quite a final, but still something to study for :) I've really liked how my Shakespeare unit turned out, especially with adding in the Renaissance Faire this year!!

I had a great surprise upon the return to work and saw that our faire made the school newspaper!!!!!
I would show the pic of the cover of the paper, but it has our school name and a pic of one of my girls in her dress [her face shows] :/

Well I hope everyone survived the first week back at school!!!!!

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