January 22, 2014

New Schedule for Spring Semester!

Spring Semester starts next week and that means I get a whole new set of kids and start classes all over again!! I'm actually kind of excited :) I am not looking forward to teaching zero period, but oh well.

So I am linking up with Where the Wild Things Learn to share my schedule :)

I start my day with Zero period [This semester is my first time teaching a zero period]. This should be ok though because it's honors kids and they usually* like school and can self-start. 

From there my day is pretty repetitive, alternating English 10 and Honors. Then the last period of the day is my English Support class which I created/designed for 9th/10th grade students struggling in English class. We will spend the first 6 weeks preparing for the CAHSEE [California High School Exit Exam], which all 10th graders take. Students must pass this by their senior year in order to receive a diploma. 

And you are reading my schedule correctly: I have no prep period. Our school runs an accelerated program and the "normal" school day is 4 classes. I've always taught all four, but now adding the 5th period seems a little hectic with no prep.  I am going to recruit a TA for every period!! LOL Hopefully they can get all my little grading stuff done, leaving me with the bigger items that require more attention. 

What does your schedule look like next semester? And does anyone else teach with no prep? Any tips??


  1. Oh my! My FIRST year of teaching was in a middle school where I taught 7 out of 8 periods, and 5 different preps with one prep period! I was going CRAZY, but thankfully had the assistance of some of my co-workers. I couldn't imagine having this schedule, but I think I'd give up my prep to have a block schedule like yours! I get my LA8 kids for 43 minutes a day. I find it difficult to complete reading, writing, speaking and listening activities during ONE 43 minute period. I think the TA idea is great! You could even offer it as bonus. I would worry about students seeing other students' grades though-- unless you use a number method. I still copy and grade during my 28 minute lunch, so I'd probably do some prep work then if I was you. Good Luck and kudos for starting the remediation class! :)

    1. 43 minutes is NOT enough! How do you get anything done?!? Oh I always grade during lunch...I'd be there 'til 5pm otherwise :/ Thanks for sharing!! :)