January 17, 2014

FREE, Fun Grammar Warm Up

We are starting second semester again in two weeks [we get this next week off in between the semesters because for us it's like a new school year since we're an accelerated school] so that means I get to teach my English Support Class again!

For those that don't remember, I started an English Support class last year for students who were struggling in English class. We don't offer Special Education classes at our school [Charter school], but we have some kids that really need extra support. So I created this!

Anyway, I'm trying to think of a fun way to do grammar warm ups, and I came up with the Meme idea. I'm always seeing these stupid memes with stupid grammar mistakes!!! So I'm turning that into my good fortune :)

I've made a double-sided handout with 5 memes and ask the students to find the errors.

Head on over to my TPT Store to download your FREE copy!!!
[Enjoy secretly making fun of people! LOL]

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