January 29, 2014

Examples of GREAT Annotation/Close Reading

Hi y'all! Well, my new semester/school year started Tuesday, and I'm back to teaching annotation/close reading again. After several years teaching 10th grade, I think I've created a pretty good plan :)

We start the year reading Animal Farm and that's a great book for figurative language, word choice, etc. So at the very beginning, I hand out their Tips and Tools Packet which has a ton of handouts. One of those handouts is the "How to Annotate" page. This handout just has some basics of annotation/close reading to refresh their memory from 9th grade, and basically re-teach annotation. 

Then after we do the first chapter or so with basic annotation, I give them the Annotation Bookmark. This bookmark offers different items students should be annotating for to reach that deeper level of close reading. It also links with Common Core standards.

By the end of the second novel of the class, they've become quite skilled at proper annotation. So now here are some examples of student annotation:

Then I came across this gem. Every grade takes a benchmark exam to make sure students are on track to move to the next grade. For my test, they are to read two passages and answer a few questions, and then write a short essay. Look what I found!!!!!
She annotated the CRAP out of her Benchmark! So proud! I didn't even tell them to annotate...she did it on her own. Love it :)

So hopefully this gives you some great ideas for teaching annotation/close reading. And feel free to share the pics with your class to show them what is expected :)


  1. I'm going to be a freshman next year, and this really helped with my summer project.

    1. Yay! I'm so glad! Anything I can do to help :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!