December 11, 2013

Shakespeare FREEBIE

In gearing up for our Renaissance Faire on Friday, I've created this little freebie handout entitled, "How to speak 'Shakespeare'".

I'm so excited to start our 3-week Shakespeare unit and read Much Ado About Nothing. Kids always fret and moan about Shakespeare, and so this year I decided to make researching the times fun! We're holding a Renaissance Faire on Friday!!! Each student has a role to fill and will be asked to dress, and speak, in 'Shakespearean' should be so fun! [My mom has helped me create my costume...she can sew ;)]

Click here to get your FREEBIE handout from my TPT Store.

You can find my Renaissance Faire unit here on my TPT Store. It actually meets Common Core standards and is a lot of fun! I even have a donation request flyer for parents! :)

Don't worry...I'll take lots of pics!!! Here's a preview of my costume though :) [I have like zero make-up on so no judging ;) LOL]

Looking forward to sharing all about the success of the faire!!!


  1. Like many of our students, I hated reading Shakespeare in school... except for Romeo & Juliet because I loved the movie! lol I think an activity like this would have helped because it takes away some of the anxiety about the language.

    1. Well they're making their swords and shields in class today and seem to be enjoying that! We'll see if the language sticks for tomorrow :)


  2. Love this idea! My students just finished Romeo and Juliet and are all working on projects. It's so hard to teach Shakespeare and keep their interest and engagement these days. Thankfully my projects are keeping their interest high and engaged.