December 15, 2013

Renaissance Faire SUCCESS!!!!

Well, it was a lot of work...but we have a success ladies and gentlemen! Even though my 10th graders pretended they were too cool for it, they had so much fun! The guys had so much fun sword fighting [with cardboard swords of course], that at one point I was worried an eye would get poked out, but they kept it under control and I even heard "this is the best day ever"!!!

Many of you may have seen my TPT Unit for the Shakespeare Renaissance Faire, and I used everything in that to create mine. I started by, weeks ago, sending out the Parent Volunteer flyer to get supplies donated for the faire. [Our parents have to do 25 hours of 'community service' for the school a year, or they can pay $10 for one hour. So I sent out this flyer [below] and got all the pipe cleaners and ribbons to make the girls' headpieces. Then I also received fabric scraps for the guys to make belts, and cardboard for their shields and swords.

I wanted to bring some decorations to the faire, so I created some banners and a wooden sign to bring some 'reality' to the faire. [The banner template is in my TPT Unit]
Surprisingly, laminating 100 flags only cost $5 at the local teacher supply store!

I bought the wooden arrows at Michaels, and then the good guys at Home Depot build me the stand! Literally had 1/2" to spare when fitting it in my car!!! yikes!

I also played Renaissance Music during the faire, which made it seem a little more authentic as well. Here's a link to the YouTube video I found; it is an hour long 'video' that plays music the whole time:

So, on to the faire. Each student, or pair of students, picked a role and did their research based on that. They had to create a one page handout and dress for the role. If they were on food, they had to make at least one of the items and put the recipe on the handout. If they were on games, they needed to put the rules and how to win on their handout. The handout also included all their research. They needed to make enough copies for everyone in the class, so that each student took home all the information.

I do have small class sizes, and this is the one time I wish I had bigger classes. It was a little tricky to have students manning their booths and have fair goers :/ I think next year I'll invite the Jr. Highers to come be fair goers and have my kids run the booths. It did help that the French teacher brought over her students during 4th period, my smallest class, so they were the fair goers. I also had some visitors from the 11/12 English teacher for about 15 min or so. That was fun for my students too because they explained their games and food and it was just more fun with more people!

So here are a few pics. I tried to take pics so I wouldn't have to blur out the kids' faces, and I think for the most part it worked :)

The gypsy tent...we borrowed a pop up tent and strung fabric throughout.

This kid was awesome! He painted horses on posterboard, tied a sash to them so the kids could put them over their shoulders, and made a Jousting station!!

This team made bacon, mini mince-meat pies, and brought a meat/cheese platter!!

General Faire shot....sorry about the blurred out tacky, I know. :/

And finally, my costume. My mom made this in 8th grade...we had to add fabric to the bodice, and made a new hat...but it turned out great!!!!

I really hope this encourages you to have your own faire, or a version of it, when you do your Shakespeare unit. I know that some schools use a whole day; I left everything up and then each period had their own mini faire--whatever works for you!

Here's the TPT link again, and a link to the "How to speak Shakespearean' handout I gave the kids so they could try to stay in character. Overall, a great & exhausting day!! :)

And with that, I bid thee Anon. :)

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