November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving & Gearing up for the TPT Cyber Sale!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! I'm currently busy making gluten/dairy free pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes, and biscuits to take to Mom and Dad's house as my Thanksgiving contribution :) Oh, and blogging for a quick minute ;) Hope everyone is having a wonderful break!!! Don't forget to count your many blessings this holiday season.

And for the good stuff!!! TPT's CYBER SALE!!!!!!!!! I can't wait! I've had my eyes on a few items I plan to get :) So head on over to TPT to check out all the great sales! I'm offering 20% off, and TPT is offering up to 28% off total if you enter the code in the pic below :)

                                                     FONTS: LEEBY'S LOVE LETTERS

The sale is Monday and Tuesday, December 2nd and 3rd. You can head on over early and make out your wishlist ahead of time so you can shop like a pro and get those deals :)

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!!!!

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