October 28, 2013

Parent/Teacher Conference Success!!!

Well today was parent/teacher conference day at the high school. I only had six parents sign up to meet with me, which I think was ok. I having been doing a lot more school to home communication this year [my monthly Newsletter, more emails home, using Remind 101, etc] so I did not really have parents out of the look or anything that needed to speak to me.

I had a few parents come in just to chat and say hi [their kids had As], which was kind of cool to not have to discuss action plans or what we could work on. I still filled out the Parent/Teacher Conference Sheet because it is a good take-away. I made a copy for the parents to take home with them :)

Anyway, I'm super excited with how the day went, and I'm very pleased that my conference sheets turned out to be so useful. I hope you can find them useful too!!!

Click here for my Parent/Teacher Conference Sheet
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