October 22, 2013

Help me get to 100....and get 20% off!!

Hi everyone! I am so thankful for all who are following my TPT Store! 86 of you to be exact! I can't believe how far I've come in just three months of selling. THANK YOU!!!!

I'd love to make more middle school and high school teachers aware of all my products [both free and those that cost $$]; the more people that we can share ideas with the better!

So when I get to 100 followers on my TPT Store, I'll throw a 20% off sale!!!!! That means some of my products will be $.80!!! Crazy!

Thanks again, and please share with anyone who would be interested in following a middle/high teacher!


  1. We're at 90!!!......10 more to go! :) Thanks everyone!


  2. I am #91!! I hope you get to 100 soon... so exciting!