October 18, 2013

Gearing Up

So excited for tomorrow! While I'm going to miss sleeping in on a Saturday, and by sleeping in I mean 7:30 am, I am looking forward to attending the AP Language conference/training.

As many of you know, I teach 10th and 10th Honors. We are looking into possibly changing the name of the Honors course to Pre AP, and I think this is a great idea. I do believe I am currently preparing them for AP Lang, but I know that it can always be more rigorous...I just don't want to lose sight of the fact that they are just 10th graders. Some of those boys' attention spans are like those of gnats. Sigh

But I'm looking forward to learning tomorrow and gearing up to take 10 Honors to another level. I'll let you know how it goes!

* If anyone else will be at the conference tomorrow in La Jolla, CA, email me!! :)

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