October 4, 2013

FREEBIE Rubric!!!

I have been grading like a mad woman lately! It seems like it never ends for English teachers :/ Over the years I've worked on, changed, improved, and/or anything else you can think of, my grading rubric. Then our English department decided to get together this last Spring and come up with one rubric that we all use so that grading can be 'fair'. We also each graded the same essay to make sure we were on the same page.

Here is a FREEBIE for ya! This is the rubric that we created based off the 6 Traits of Writing. It may seem basic on first glance, but it allows for much more objectivity than you would think, and can be used for any piece of writing, really. I have found it also works well as a 'holistic' grading rubric too. Sometimes you just read a paper and know it's a B...this allows you to do that :)

I'm not putting this on my TPT Store because it was a group effort and uses the 6 Traits of writing, so intellectual property was a group effort and not mine to use :) It's so great though...and please feel free to use!!!!

Click here to download your FREE 6 Traits Grading Rubric.

Happy Grading!

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