October 26, 2013

FREEBIE!!! Annotation Bookmark

Happy Saturday everyone! I've been working a lot with my 10th graders to improve their annotation skills. For those that don't know, annotation is taking notes in the margins of texts....I've heard this referred to as Close Reading as well. I believe that annotation is key for comprehension and understanding the power of Language.

It's not enough for kids to just write "wow" or "oh my gosh" or "that's cool". I used to just let them write anything that came to mind as they were reading, but now, after seeing thousands of the aforementioned phrases, I'm moving in a different direction.

These bookmarks provide guidance for meaningful and thoughtful annotation. Most of the categories are also very closely aligned with Common Core Standards as well.

I suggest printing them onto Cardstock so that they hold up a while. Or, print them on Cardstock and them laminate them as well...extra security.  :)

Hope you all find this helpful! Head on over to my TPT Store to pick this bookmark up for FREE!

*And now I'm adding this to Manic Monday Freebies!
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  1. What a great tool! And I agree that their comments need to be deeper than "cool" all over the margins! lol

  2. I'm sure this must be a helpful tool for your students. Thanks for sharing at Manic Monday!