October 30, 2013

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October 28, 2013

Parent/Teacher Conference Success!!!

Well today was parent/teacher conference day at the high school. I only had six parents sign up to meet with me, which I think was ok. I having been doing a lot more school to home communication this year [my monthly Newsletter, more emails home, using Remind 101, etc] so I did not really have parents out of the look or anything that needed to speak to me.

I had a few parents come in just to chat and say hi [their kids had As], which was kind of cool to not have to discuss action plans or what we could work on. I still filled out the Parent/Teacher Conference Sheet because it is a good take-away. I made a copy for the parents to take home with them :)

Anyway, I'm super excited with how the day went, and I'm very pleased that my conference sheets turned out to be so useful. I hope you can find them useful too!!!

Click here for my Parent/Teacher Conference Sheet
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October 26, 2013

FREEBIE!!! Annotation Bookmark

Happy Saturday everyone! I've been working a lot with my 10th graders to improve their annotation skills. For those that don't know, annotation is taking notes in the margins of texts....I've heard this referred to as Close Reading as well. I believe that annotation is key for comprehension and understanding the power of Language.

It's not enough for kids to just write "wow" or "oh my gosh" or "that's cool". I used to just let them write anything that came to mind as they were reading, but now, after seeing thousands of the aforementioned phrases, I'm moving in a different direction.

These bookmarks provide guidance for meaningful and thoughtful annotation. Most of the categories are also very closely aligned with Common Core Standards as well.

I suggest printing them onto Cardstock so that they hold up a while. Or, print them on Cardstock and them laminate them as well...extra security.  :)

Hope you all find this helpful! Head on over to my TPT Store to pick this bookmark up for FREE!

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October 22, 2013

Help me get to 100....and get 20% off!!

Hi everyone! I am so thankful for all who are following my TPT Store! 86 of you to be exact! I can't believe how far I've come in just three months of selling. THANK YOU!!!!

I'd love to make more middle school and high school teachers aware of all my products [both free and those that cost $$]; the more people that we can share ideas with the better!

So when I get to 100 followers on my TPT Store, I'll throw a 20% off sale!!!!! That means some of my products will be $.80!!! Crazy!

Thanks again, and please share with anyone who would be interested in following a middle/high teacher!

October 18, 2013

Gearing Up

So excited for tomorrow! While I'm going to miss sleeping in on a Saturday, and by sleeping in I mean 7:30 am, I am looking forward to attending the AP Language conference/training.

As many of you know, I teach 10th and 10th Honors. We are looking into possibly changing the name of the Honors course to Pre AP, and I think this is a great idea. I do believe I am currently preparing them for AP Lang, but I know that it can always be more rigorous...I just don't want to lose sight of the fact that they are just 10th graders. Some of those boys' attention spans are like those of gnats. Sigh

But I'm looking forward to learning tomorrow and gearing up to take 10 Honors to another level. I'll let you know how it goes!

* If anyone else will be at the conference tomorrow in La Jolla, CA, email me!! :)

October 12, 2013

TPT Flash Sale!

Congrats TPT on your 100,000th like on Facebook! In honor of that honor, they're having a 10% off the whole site sale, when using the code "FB100K". So I'm having a sale too and offering another 10% off my items :)

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Freebie!!! Parent-Teacher Conference Sheet

You asked for it...here you go! With Parent/Teacher conferences around the corner, this will be a helpful resource for keeping you on track during a parent/teacher conferences. This sheet focuses on areas of strength for the student, from both the parents and the teacher, and areas that need improvement. There is then an action plan the parents and teacher can come up with for future success in the class. Also provides space for grades and signatures.

This word document is fully editable. The free font KG Girl on Fire was used in the header and the agenda label.

Have fun and remember to find the good in each kiddo...and believe me, I know that can be difficult sometimes. But we can do it; it's what we're called to do :)

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October 8, 2013

Reader Interest...what do you want?

I would like to do another FREEBIE this month, but am having trouble deciding what to do. So I thought I'd turn to the people that matter--YOU! You the readers, followers, listeners, whatever :) I'd love to know what you guys would like as a freebie this month!

Just leave a comment below with what type of freebie you'd like, or a specific item you have in mind. Last week I did a FREE Grading Rubric, so maybe we can do something other than a rubric ;) Hopefully I'll be able to deliver a freebie soon!

Have a fantastic week!

October 6, 2013

Romantic Poetry Unit

I loved teaching 12th grade and really miss it actually. I've been looking over the new Common Core book lately, and I just started reading the 12th grade units for some reason. And low and behold there was a whole unit on 18th and 19th century pieces. I remembered a whole unit I had done on Romantic Poetry with 7 major poets. The students really got into it and enjoyed learning the different types of poetry too.

I've gone back through the unit and aligned it with Common Core standards for future use. I've added several assignments to the unit to foster more discussion and analysis.

This unit contains:
-Daily Lesson Plans
-Power Points for 7 major poets
-Power Point for Introduction to Romantic Poetry
-Poems from all 7 poets
-Final Test
-Several assignments
-Final writing assignment

This can be used as a unit as a whole, or can be incorporated with an 18th or 19th century novel study.

Head on over to my TPT Store and check it out :)

Thank you guys so much for your continued support of my blog and store! *Feeling Blessed!!

October 4, 2013

FREEBIE Rubric!!!

I have been grading like a mad woman lately! It seems like it never ends for English teachers :/ Over the years I've worked on, changed, improved, and/or anything else you can think of, my grading rubric. Then our English department decided to get together this last Spring and come up with one rubric that we all use so that grading can be 'fair'. We also each graded the same essay to make sure we were on the same page.

Here is a FREEBIE for ya! This is the rubric that we created based off the 6 Traits of Writing. It may seem basic on first glance, but it allows for much more objectivity than you would think, and can be used for any piece of writing, really. I have found it also works well as a 'holistic' grading rubric too. Sometimes you just read a paper and know it's a B...this allows you to do that :)

I'm not putting this on my TPT Store because it was a group effort and uses the 6 Traits of writing, so intellectual property was a group effort and not mine to use :) It's so great though...and please feel free to use!!!!

Click here to download your FREE 6 Traits Grading Rubric.

Happy Grading!

October 2, 2013

October Currently!!

It's officially the Holiday Season!!! I love that the next three months have holidays, I love celebrating with friends and family and decorating [of course].  Once again I'm linking up with Farley for her Currently. Thanks Farley!

So my "Treat" is really a tip for holiday baking. As most of you know I am gluten and dairy free and trying to bake again. There are a lot of recipes that use several different flours [tapioca, rice flour, potato, etc], but those take a lot of work. So lately I've just been using All Purpose Gluten-Free Flour. My treat is a helpful hint...it takes about 20 minutes longer to bake thoroughly regular gluten free flour. But it still tastes good!!

Happy October!!