September 4, 2013

Teacher Devotional & September 'wreath'

It's September....Ahhhhhh! I've been really worried about going back to school with my health issues and keeping those under control. I've also been wanting to focus on starting each day off with some sort of goal.

I saw this book on Pinterest, and it seemed like it would cover both my worries- Morning Meetings with Jesus: 180 Devotionals for Teachers. I did the first 4 days and it's very helpful. Whether you're Christian or not, this book has some great anecdotes and verses that go with each day. You don't have to read the verse if you don't want to, you can just use the prayer as the goal for the day. I would definitely recommend this book to all teachers. 

Check it out on Amazon.

Secondly, I'm very crafty. All my friends and family tell me I need to have kids soon so I can do their birthday party and decorations and stuff....believe my guys....I'm trying on the whole kid thing! I just need a man first!! ;)

Anyway, I like to have a wreath on my door for every month of the year. Example...I have a St. Patrick's theme one for March, Easter one for April, 4th of July for....July! But I've never had one for August or September. I still don't have one for August, I think I'll make a flip flop and beach balls one for next year. But I just made my wreath for September! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!

I bought a little wooden 3 or 4" circle, Apple chipboards for $.29 @ Michaels, 20 rulers [$.25/1 @ Target], Crayons @ Target, and Erasers @ Target. I had the little chalkboard from my housewarming party [$1.99 @ Michaels].

First I hot-glued 10 rulers on the circular, then the other 10 on top of those to cover up the spaces. I then hot-glued all the other decorations on the rulers. I took a sharpie and drew a 'W' on the wreath for my last name :)

I am in love with how it turned out!!!!! Happy September!


  1. I love the wreath and I really love the book! Thanks for sharing, Heather

    1. Yay! Glad you like them both! I'm finding the book so helpful this year.


  2. This kind of book is very useful to read. Thanks!

    1. Yes! Hopefully it's helpful in your teaching :)

  3. This is also what I've been looking since before. The book is really good to read it's content because of the inspiring terms that was being written in the wreath, in which it full of context and learning's on devotional concepts.

    Divine favor | God’s Grace

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