September 8, 2013

Renaissance Faire/Shakespeare Unit

I LOVE Shakespeare!!!! I love teaching it...and I LOVE the clothing from the time period. I remember doing one in 8th grade when we read Merchant of Venice, and in 9th grade for our Romeo & Juliet unit. I loved it. My mom made my costume, and my sister's when she had her's, and my group made hot cross buns.

Talk about a throw back, here's a pic of me in 8th grade at our Renaissance Faire next to our Hot Cross Buns booth. [I'm in the back row, on your right]

In past years, I've only had 2ish weeks to get through my Shakespeare unit with the kids, but this year, due to changing a novel out, I've got 3!!! So I decided to do a fun introduction activity that the kids will never forget:)

This unit has so much! 
-Lesson plans
-Direction sheet [with rubric]
-Parent Volunteer flyer
-Shield outlines for the boys to make shields to go with their cardboard swords
-A banner to cut out and hang
-And Renaissance-looking street signs

I'm so excited to try this out this year, and now you can too with the unit on TPT.
Click here to link to the Renaissance Faire unit on my TPT Store.

The parent handout flyer:

And one of the pieces of the banner:
A good day to you ;)

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