September 29, 2013

New Book!

My gosh it's been a week since I've posted. I've been so exhausted and going to bed before 9pm every night. A little sad and depressing for a single gal ;) Oh well! I did get a chance to finish up all my lesson plans for the NEW BOOK I'll be teaching this year!!!!!! So excited :)

Cry, The Beloved Country is the new book I'll be teaching this year. "They" actually recommend it as one of the books to read for the Common Core 10th grade English plans. I decided to really get everything ready for Common Core this year, and so I've brought in this book a year early to check it out and make sure I'm meeting Common Core standards with it. The book [see pic below] had a few lesson plan ideas, but I came up with the rest myself and I'm really proud of it.
You can find this book at Barnes and Noble.

So I've created a great unit for Cry, which includes using informational text--something big in CC. 
My unit has so many elements!!! Head on over to my TPT Store to check it out.

This 5 week unit plan follows Common Core Standards while helping students learn to analyze both fiction and informational texts.
Unit Contains:
-­‐5 weeks of lesson plans
-­‐Introductory Webquest Project
-­‐Classwork including reading/analyzing informational texts
--Trial for Absalom activity
-­‐Writing prompts
-­‐2 Quizzes and Answer Keys
-­‐Final Exam and Answer Key
[Common Core standards listed on assignments]

Both Word documents [editable] and PDF versions available. It's a 35 page unit; the 69 includes the PDF and Word versions.
Here's a preview:

I think putting Absalom on trial will be my favorite activity!

Hope you have another fabulous week! And a special shout out to the gal that already purchased this unit and said "It was very well done". THANK YOU for the support!!!!!!! :)

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