September 19, 2013

Lock-down Drill....FAIL

So we had a planned lock down drill today. Yeah.....kind of missed that. I knew it was coming and it I read the email carefully, and I even made sure my door was locked all day so that I didn't have to deal with that. Well, our school doesn't have a speaker system [I know], and so the security guys walk around to the rooms and say "Lock Down" and then we know it's happening. WELL since my door was already locked, they didn't tell me it was happening, so I just kept on playing Jeopardy review with my kids as they yelled out answers and laughed.

Then all of the sudden someone was unlocking my door and saying, "Lock down clear. Please evacuate". Shoot! I would have kept my kids super quiet and respectful had I known. So we did evacuate in a quiet, straight, single-file line to the designated spot. At least I did that part correctly!


  1. We did our lock down drill today too. And a fire drill. I think it's INSANE that someone has to walk around and tell all the classes there's a lock down as if that can really happen in an emergency. Not very reassuring!

    1. I know! But we're moving to a brand new campus next year so we'll be all good then :)