September 21, 2013

Literature Circle Packets-Common Core Aligned

I love mixing up the way we read novels. I get tired of teaching the same thing 4 times a day, 2 times a year [we have accelerated semesters], so I like to mix it up a little.

I especially like doing this with our Holocaust Unit. There are so many wonderfully haunting stories of the Holocaust, it's hard to pick just one to teach. So last year I decided to teach the unit with Literature Circles. I'm sure you all know what they are. I let the students pick between Night and The Diary of Anne Frank. There were only two book choices because those were the two books our school owned copies of already, and we didn't want to spend more money on books :/ But those are great accounts of the Holocaust, so it's ok.

I had found a Lit Circle packet online and just used that. But I didn't really like how the discussions were turning out, and the kids weren't really learning a whole bunch.

So this year, I've made my own! Should have done that in the first place. This packet is Common Core Aligned though, so I'm glad I didn't make one last year. It covers:

Reading Literature Standards-9-10.1 Cite Textual Evidence, 9-10.2 Determine a Theme, 9-10.4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases in a text
Speaking & Listening Standard- 9-10.1 Comprehension and Collaboration
Language Standard- 9-10.4 Vocabulary Acquisition 

I also created different roles that are more conducive to learning. The 6 Roles are:
-Discussion Director
-Theme Monitor/Connector
-Important Quotation Analyzer
-Literary Device Effectiveness Analyzer
-Vocabulary Builder

There's a PDF and Word version available for this packet at my TPT Store. Hope you find it helpful!

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