September 17, 2013

Gifts from the Giving Tree!!! Wow!

So, many of you may have seen that I posted a "Giving Tree" on my door at Back to School Night. The response has been incredible!!!! I have received countless boxes of Kleenex [I NEVER have enough and somehow the school always runs out :/], tons of candy for prizes, 2 electric pencil sharpeners, Expo Markers, INK for my printer!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Granola bars for the kids [I made an emergency kit], and STARBUCKS CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh I'm so overwhelmed!

I decided to use the granola bars, and a bag of candy, in an 'Emergency Student Food' kit. This kit could be for students who have diabetes, or, heaven forbid, a lock down. I have enough food for each student to have 2 granola bars and a couple of pieces of candy.

I am going to add a few water bottles too, but that is just what parents have given me.

And then here is my haul so far! And I say so far because I know I will be getting more as the weeks go on.

So much Ink, I'm so excited!!!!! 

I also received the coveted, the amazing, Starbucks cards!!!!!!!!

I hope that your Back to School Night yields the same haul!!!!!

And if you haven't had yours yet, here is the link to my Giving Tree gift tags  on my TPT store :)

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