September 9, 2013

B2S Night [Morning??] A Success!!

Well Back to School Morning was a great success!!!!

Our school is small and since we are a public charter, we don't technically have district boundaries. So we have kids from 20-40 miles away, and thus have never really done a Back to School night because some of them live so far away that traveling to pick up the kids and then come back at night would be too much.

Our school is also unique in that Mondays are home-school day and the kids just check online for the assignment for the day. So we decided to have our Back to School Morning option. The teachers had been saying how we really wanted to have a Back to School night because we want that face to face; so this was our solution.

My classes are small [don't hate me :/], about 25 total. I had an average of 10 parents per class show up. I thought that was great for our first attempt, being in the morning [hello...people work], and for only 2 weeks notice.  I had such a great time preparing for it, and the parents that came said it was great and that they're excited for the school year.

So here's what I did:

I made a little welcome chalkboard sign using those cool chalkboard pens-AWESOME!!!

The two handouts were: a handout about me, my info, and my goals for the year. The second was the Renaissance parent volunteer handout [thought I'd give them 2 months heads up in case they need to plan or anything].

Last Friday I had my TA call around to different Starbucks and ask if any of them would be willing to donate coffee for the event-woo hoo! Just had to give them a little 'donation' letter with our Tax ID # on it and I got 2 free carriers :)  I also made blueberry muffins and gluten-free, dairy free pumpkin scones that turned out tasting EXACTLY like the ones at Starbucks. Those puppies went quickly. Here's the link to the recipe on my Pinterest:
To make them gluten free I just replaced the flour with regular g-free flour, and instead of half and half I used Coconut Cream [basically coconut milk cream].

Lastly, I created a giving tree on my door with a list of things the parents could purchase to donate to the classroom. I only had about 6 things left when the morning was over! Woo hoo!!! Here's the link to these Giving Tree items with Thank You cards on my TPT.
The red apples have the items typed in them :)

To showcase my fab outfit [lol]...I got this great flow-y top from Target yesterday, wore a black cami under it, black skinny jeans, but not too skinny to be inappropriate, and black pumps, and leopard print earrings. And of course I have my Starbucks :)

Overall, a great success!!!


  1. The coffee and scones was a fantastic idea-- I'm definitely trying that next year!

    I'm hosting a teacher linky party, "Better Together," this week. I'd for you to join us!

    1. It was a hit! The parents were so thankful and loved that I put "thought and creativity into my presentation".

      I'll check out your linky!


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your giving tree idea! I gave you a shout-out about this on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Awwwww, thanks!!! So sweet! And thanks for the shout out!