August 5, 2013

New Classroom Design & FREEBIE!

Finally! I have enough pics to show you guys my new classroom design/theme! I worked really hard on this, including creating the labels, the banners, and all the jars and stuff :) It was a lot of fun and I'm excited I decided to re-do my room. Even though we'll have a new school location next school year and I'll have to move rooms [obviously], I decided I needed a change :)

I have gone with navy blue chevron with a 'salmon' accent color.

The first thing I did was create the labels and banners, cut them out, and take them to the local teacher supply store and get them laminated; only $.23 a whole room was only ~$5!

Once I had those all cut and laminated, I set to work putting them together into banners.

Here is the Homework banner and whiteboard where I write the agenda for the week:

I also made the new Roots section of the main whiteboard. I do roots everyday and have the root and definition up when they walk in for the day, and then they come up with example words and we share out.

Then I created the Welcome to English 10 banner:
[A little hard to read because of the glare...weird angle...]

The Welcome banner above the bulletin board.

Then for some fun details, I used mason jars and ribbon from Michaels to hold supplies. 
[LOVE my white ruffle pillow on my couch ;)]

Then I put the jars on the bookshelf and hung the 'supplies' banner!

I do love how it's turning out!!! I'll probably post a few more pics toward the first day of school, but yeah! So far so good!!! :)

Since I loved how my supplies banner turned out, I thought I'd make it a freebie for you guys!!! Enjoy!

Click here for the Supply Banner FREEBIE.


  1. I am loving your supplies banner! I snagged it and saved it! Thank you so much!


    1. Yay! Hope you can use it! :)


      PS-LOVE the name of your blog...swear I should have been born in the South ;)

  2. Really cute! I love the mason jars and bows - I might just end up with very similar supply holders! :)

    1. They are seriously the favorite thing in my new room/decor....and they were soooooo easy!!!!


  3. I love all of your classroom decorations, so cute and creative! I'm obsessed, and your newest follower!

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