August 17, 2013

MLA Formatting Poster-FREEBIE

As we are all starting back to school, we're all looking for posters for the classroom. This one pulls double duty for me...I get tired of always answering how to format the page in MLA. So not only is this a cute poster, but all I have to do is point to it whenever they ask a question!

So I hope you can use this poster in your classroom! It's only a few dollars to enlarge it at Office Depot, which makes it easier for the kids to read. Enjoy!

FREE MLA Poster at my TPT store


  1. Here in TN, our local college English departments seem to be moving to APA style, humanities and my ELA coworkers seem to be using MLA. It can be confusing form my students when they go to college. I'm not sure what I'm going to use for my projects but this poster will be great if I use MLA.


    1. So weird...I've not heard anything about Humanities changing to APA. I'll have to check it out. But hopefully you can use this :)