August 14, 2013

Common Core App

Hi ya'll! Well, I'm three days into the new school year and I've been in a lot of meetings :/ Of course, we're all talking about Common Core! I'm actually excited; I think it will breath new life into curriculum. Anyway, there's the obvious website:, and that is great. But I wanted something easy to look at when just focusing on my 10th grade lessons. So I started using the Common Core App [for iPhone, might be the same for Droid]. I think it's awesome because I can go right to 10th grade and see all my standards IN ONE PLACE!!!! Love it. I took a few screen shots so you all could get the same one.

When I searched "Common Core" it is the first one that came up:

And here is a pic of the home page of the app:

And then when I pull up my 10th grade standards!!!!:

Hopefully this is helpful to ya'll! Happy lesson planning!


  1. I didn't know about this app..super excited to try it! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. This is my favorite app! I was so worried someone would think I was playing around on my phone when I was using it during a meeting, lol!

    Have you used mastery connect??

    Teaching Teens in the 21st!

    1. Haha I know! I always make sure people know I'm doing work via my phone :)

      No! What is mastery connect??


    2. It's so amazing it's hard to write about. I actually did my tenure project on it this year. It's a site where you can share assessments with other teachers around the country, and students can take these tests via the internet, or print out a bubble sheet and scan it in using a laptop web cam. It completely changed my grading of morpheme and other tests this year. Plus, if you have an essay question, they write it on the back, you fill in the bubble for score they received and scan it in. All of the grades go into one place and show if students have reached mastery, and can then be imported into your online gradebook. It saved me SO much time this year!! Plus, it's free for tests up to 10 questions. I paid for the subscription, but it was completely worth it!! Students could also take tests when they were absent for extended periods of time, or make up tests easily in the LMC while class was going on to get caught up.